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Contract hire explained by Central Self Drive – Confidence In Contract hire

Contract hire is essentially the rental of a car or van at a heavily discounted price based on a long-term lease (anything from 3 to 5 years), prices will vary depending on vehicle type/spec, and service and maintaining levels required & anticipated annual mileage.

Most quotes show as follows:

ford fiesta example of Contract hire

Central’s easy guide to reading your quote

3+ 35

  • The 3, in this case, means 3 monthly payments upfront (a standard initial payment required throughout the vehicle leasing industry when dealing with contract hire)
  • The 35 means the monthly payments thereafter

10k P/A

  • This simply means for each year you have the vehicle on lease you are permitted to do 10000miles in the lease vehicles so assuming you took the vehicles for 3 years at the end of the contract you would have an allowance of 30000 miles per year should you go over this limit then you can expect to pay somewhere between 5-15p per mile on any excess miles (the average person does 13000 miles per year and in our experience the average business customer does 24000 to 50000)


A large number of our customers turn to contract hire as they feel they have a tighter budget control over the running costs of the vehicle and know exactly what the vehicle will cost them each month without being hit with any unexpected mechanically bill. Non maint is referring to the maintenance of the vehicle you will have a choice as to whether you would like to include service and maintenance or not, if you opt for no service and maintenance you will be liable for the servicing and MOT of the vehicle in addition to any further unexpected costs that the manufacturer warranty may not cover. Central Self Drive offers both these options, most of our customers opt to have service and maintenance factored into their lease agreement.

Central Self Drive Contract Hire offers the most reliable and cost-effective alternative to owning and maintaining your own vehicle or fleet.

Benefits include:

  • A management contract hire that is tailor-made to your needs
  • The efficiency of one fixed monthly payment, 100% predictable. Giving total budgetary control.
  • Avoid the large initial outlay and simply return the vehicle at the end of the contract
  • Freedom from risks of depreciation, resale values and ongoing maintenance
  • Dedicated support from experienced and friendly staff
  • Free 24hr breakdown cover
  • Replacement vehicle in the unlikely event of a breakdown
  • In-house fleet maintenance to ensure vehicles are repaired promptly and cost-effectively
  • Fleet management


Trust central for Confidence in Contract hire – a transparent approach – no teasers, no-nonsense, call today for your price, Drive away tomorrow – 01925 444750

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